Wedding Events


Planning & Services

A wedding is a special moment for families and friends. It is a memory that is treasured and remembered. La Celebrators consciously prioritizes the precious values that are instilled in a wedding and therefore lays great emphasis and effort on ensuring that the entire event is organized and executed in perfect fashion. From the minutest of details to the grandest of issues that surround a particular wedding, Zeroed takes great care with service that ensures a glitch-free event.

First of all congratulation for your special day. Every Detail appreciates that planning a wedding can be very time consuming task. We know that all the worries and tension that goes into planning of one of the biggest events of your life - we take away. Your tailor made package is designed to alleviate many of the pressures and hassles and help you enjoy each moment of your wedding planning.

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean that you are pushed into a corner whilst someone else makes all the decisions for you. We can co-ordinate you with every detail you make all the decisions and our recommendations are simply that - ensuring that every detail of your wedding is exactly as you dream.

Our services are bespoke to suit you and unlike standard packages, we make your package, you choose what you would like our assistance with. We can be with you from the first venue viewing through to your final wedding day.

You will experience the many benefits in hiring every detail

  • We listen to you and what you really want for your wedding.
  • We secure you the best services at negotiated prices through our reliable and highly experienced suppliers.
  • We give you sound advice and experience.
  • We give you our commitment to your ideas.

Fa Fairy Events provides the following services for your wedding:

  • Venue Booking
  • Printing and Designing of Invitation Cards
  • Planning and Layout of Events
  • Arrangement and Decoration
  • Catering and Food Presentation
  • Themes for different occasions
  • Complete Venue Decoration
  • Sound Systems & DJs
  • Bridal Stages with Specific Décor & Theme
  • Wooden and Acrylic Dance Floors
  • Live Bands and Entertainers
  • Dance Groups
  • Fireworks
  • Marriage Bits and Party Favors
  • Gifts and Bridal Packaging
  • Decorated Horse Carriages
  • Video Film and Photography
  • Car Decoration Services
  • Room Decoration
  • Valet Parking
  • Advisory Services
  • Artistic Floral arrangements
  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Sofa Sets and Seating Arrangements
  • Wall Paneling
  • Cocktail Bar

We are dedicated

To working closely with you and the other wedding professionals you have hired to make your wedding everything you have always dreamed it would be!

Birthday Events


Planning & Services

Are you planning a Birthday Party for your son or daughter and can't decide what to do? Should you have a party at home or at some unique location? Want to make your next birthday party extraordinary? How about throwing a party with your own professional DJ! Music, dancing, karaoke. We can provide everything you need to make it awesome and fun.

Fa Fairy Event’s Services Brings the perfect birthday party setup for your next birthday party, and manages according to your desire budget. We offer following suitable things for your birthday:

The perfect kids birthday ideas

  • Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme idea
  • Dora The Explorer Birthday Theme idea
  • Disney's Princess Birthday Theme Idea
  • Spiderman Birthday Theme Idea
  • Hello kitty Birthday Theme Idea
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Theme Idea
  • Jungle Book Theme Animal Birthday Idea
  • Cars birthday Theme ideas
  • Your own Custom Made Birthday Ideas.

Kid’s entertainment services

  • Perfect Stage / Dance Floor / Crowd Floor Setup and decoration.
  • Magic Show / Puppet Show / Cartoon Clone / Kids Train / Jumping Castle / Face painting and more...
  • Exciting Lighting and effect arrangements that make your place like dreams.
  • Karaoke Junction for kids, friends and family to make more fun together.
  • Unlimited performance time with no extra/ hidden charges & more…

Perfect Planning

Whether you are child, a young person, or a family holder, a suitable decorated birthday party will surely applaud up your guests and will make them remember it everlastingly. The spirit of festivity should be there.

Planning for your coming Birthday Party with lots of fun and memorable, don’t worry we plan up Birthday Parties smoothly and memorable by keeping certain things into consideration which helps birthday parties become a smashing- hit for all time! We provide with each and everything which is essential for your birthday like decoration, cake, balloons, flower arrangement, crepe streamers and so on. At the same time as we are all aware that decoration is an essential and vital part of every party to make it memorable.

So we are ready to plan your birthday parties in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi and all over Pakistan for just a simple call.

School Events


Planning & Services

Tulips Presents complete solutions for all you school special days / events. However it is comes by month or by year every person associated with your campus wants enjoy some fun and free time over there. This approach will ensure your students to become a symmetric performance in both educational and extra curriculum activities.

We Fa Fairy Team brings the perfect planning and management services for your next events such as:

  • Annual Days
  • Fair
  • Concerts
  • Result Annual Ceremony
  • Sports Week
  • Summer Camp Fun
  • Holiday's Bush
  • School Special Days
  • And many more

Parent’s Involvement Strategy

At Fa Fairy we believe that all parents -- work-at-home or not -- are invited to daytime school events throughout the year, and deciding when to attend and when to decline school events can be tough. Going to school events definitely gives you an interesting glimpse into your child's world, but work-at-home moms have to, well, work. In fact, some work-at-home moms' schedules may be no more flexible than their counterparts' in the office. So we have such flexible plan to involve both children and parents in your next event.

Political Events


Planning & Services

We planning your next Community – Group – Party Political Event is not as complicated as it seems. It’s all about getting into a rhythm, knowing what your goals are and creating a plan. Once you have your plan set, you just have to execute it with our expert adviser & Planner.

We help you to get out there and tell the world what you are doing! That’s one of the greatest parts of politics, and a great tradition! Our management makes such plans like go stand on a busy street corner with your promotional materials and educate the citizens about your goals, and then make sure they get a flyer or leaflet so they remember to come to the show.

We can provide the following services for your next political or public event

  • Complete Stage & Set Design Concepts
  • Better Sitting arrangements for
  • Chair Persons
  • VIPs Peoples
  • Members – Staff – Team – Media – Reporters etc.
  • Stage & venue Lightings
  • Audio Video Solutions for
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Live Coverage of the event
  • Sophisticated Sound system Architecture
  • Security Solutions
  • Scanners
  • Guards etc.
  • Special ‘A’ Class food & Catering arrangements.
  • Creative Decoration ideas according to your event.
  • Gifts Packs and other MISC Sweepstakes.
  • Parking Solutions
  • And a lot more…